Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

How will you kick off a new year? Any new commitments?
I have sworn off making those new years resolutions.
Instead, I like to take it day to day and see
where I need to be a better person or become better
balanced in my life.

Some things I am working on right now...
run more, worry less
become a better saver with my money
I have a serious love of shopping and
since we are closing on property January 13th
I need to really stop spending so much.
I want to get into crafts more and spend less
time on facebook.

I am determined to take Maya somewhere awesome
so that she is being exposed to other cultures at an
early age. We didn't end up going on our honeymoon
to South America like we had planned. We are working on
spring break/early summer plans. I'll let you know
where we decide.

Lots of love & be safe on this new year!

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