Saturday, March 20, 2010

An end in sight...

For all of you who have known me for
a long time, understand what I have been through
in regards to school. I do take blame for not
knowing what I wanted to do right away
but my biggest problem was that I would
lose several hours by transferring from a
private school to a public institution.
I felt like I needed to switch schools
for many reasons. Even though it has taken
me much longer to finish my Education degree,
I have no regrets and feel like it was the whole process
that has really shaped me in many ways.

I finish my last undergrad classes at the end of April
and I am expecting to hear my student teaching placement
for the fall semester any day now. I will FINALLY graduate
in December. I am applying for the Reading Graduate program
at ASU for next January. (right after I graduate) I have not fully decided
what I will do yet. I really want to have my own classroom but am torn
with spending more time with my baby girl while she is young. We might
have some other plans as well ;)

Life is an adventure. Just when things seem like there is no end in
sight...there always is if you just keep truckin. This is what I have learned
through my whole experience in school. (this is my 7th year)!!!

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