Sunday, March 7, 2010


My parents came up for the day to visit us.
They just left and I am really happy they made the trip!
We hung around the house, sipping on coffee and chatting
and then we went and walked our land. My dad has been working
on job sites for 30 years or so and his expertise is so valued.
We drove ALL OVER the downtown area and enjoyed some
burritos at the local burrito joint, "black cat".
My mom sat around watching Adam Lambert videos
for almost 2 hours. We had a wonderful time!
I wish they lived here with us so we could see them
every single day! But I do feel fortunate that we can
easily make day trips to each other with no problem.

I think about growing up with my parents.
I didn't value our time together near enough
and found myself trying to rebel against certain
beliefs at times. It amazes me today how smart and
innovative they were my whole life. I feel so fortunate
to have such awesome, free-spirited, and open-minded
folks raise me. I owe so much of who I am today to those
wonderful people who raised me. I am finding that I
am raising Maya in a lot of the same ways my parents raised me.
I appreciate, love, and believe in everything they do. Love you guys!


  1. You are such an amazing woman, and your parents are incredible! I am so glad you all appreciate each other. Your mom is such an inspiration to me!

  2. Thanks Kelly! I didn't always fully appreciate and understand my parents. I am really thankful that I am able to see at this point in my life, just how special these two are.... Keep writing on your blog...I am following!