Friday, March 26, 2010

Social Studies unit

I started teaching my unit on Wed this week.
Our first lesson was about communities.
We did a lot of discussion and then
we let them build their own community
out of shapes (circles, triangles, squares, rectangles)
I will upload some pictures on Monday.
They are precious!

On Thursday, we taught about the importance of teachers
We did a discussion and got their minds thinking.
Our favorite part of the lesson was when we split the
group into two groups. I had one group and Katie had
the other group. I taught my group how to cut a heart out when you fold paper.
Katie taught her group a hand pattern. We then partnered everyone up with someone
from the other group to teach what they learned. THEY LOVED THIS LESSON!

Today, we were talking about Police in our community.
We took them to the police station. They got a whole tour
of it and even got to sit in the cop car! When we got back,
they each drew a map from the school to the police station.
(It's right across the street)

Pictures to come of these sweet kids! On Monday, we are
teaching about nurses and have a real nurse coming in to
show the kids some cool things about her job. On tuesday,
we will talk about tools in our community.

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