Friday, May 28, 2010

Modern Farmhouse

Picture found here
After reading thousands of blogs and looking at millions of
pictures everywhere, we have come to some agreement that
the look we both are going for is a modern farmhouse.
As of right now: White house
As of right now: Silver tin roof
As of right now: Bright door...(orange, green are a few faves)
Definitely cement floors in basement and main level. We are thinking
about putting hardwood on the 3rd floor.

We definitely agree on working hard to give this house character.
We love the simple scandinavian design with lots of white, rustic,
and random bright accent colors. Originally, we were just going to
do all ikea new stuff. The more we are looking around, we want to
integrate as much old rusty, stripped paint, and mismatches as we
can find and still get a modern clean feel. I believe that Blake Dollahite
found this wonderful balance while remodeling his home.

Visit his website here

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