Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Urban Homestead: Dervaes Gardens

I am just curious...has anyone heard of the Dervaes family?
They are definitely an impressive family that I have been following for some time now.
They are urban farmers with only 1/10 of an acre garden but are completely sustainable.
Taken straight from their website, "The yard has over 350 varieties of edible and useful plants and now grows over 6,000 pounds (3 tons) of produce annually. This provides fresh vegetables and fruit for our family's vegetarian diet and is a source of income."
They also are allowed to have ducks and chickens in their urban homestead for their eggs. Please read more and look at pictures here

Our downtown lot is only 1/4 of an acre but we are ambitious in our own
potential as urban farmers. We also have plans to get bees for honey.
There is something so natural and awesome about planting seeds to get
an abundance of food in return. There is a lot of sweat labor that goes easily
unrecognized but it can be really relaxing as well. The Dervaes family opened my
eyes to the fact that anyone can have an urban just have to be creative!

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  1. inspirational.

    Now, come plant my garden.. or at least the little sprouts that have survived my BLACK thumb. Our garden is nearly non existent despite our ambitious seed purchase a couple months ago.