Saturday, July 31, 2010

7 things

We are getting a beautiful rain this Saturday morning!
Landon is all tied up this weekend, hosting someone
really important from California to help with his
business model for a solar company him and some
other friends are starting here in Boone. Maya and I are
enjoying some quality time together. She is reading some
of her favorite books and drawing her mommy some pretty
abstract art. And I ..... am drinking coffee out of the biggest
cup I could find in my cabinet. I thought I would share 7 things
about Maya today!

1. She sleeps with her mommy and daddy
2. Has a crazy good vocabulary
3. Is almost always smiling
4. Is a straight up mommy's girl
5. Can count to 13 perfectly and loves to sing and dance!
6. Already controls the radio in the car--If she doesn't like a song,
she will be the first one to shout "I DON'T LIKE THIS SONG" at the top
of her lungs, making it impossible to listen to the song.
7. DON'T LAUGH...takes baths with her mommy!

I have been lectured by a few people about her sleeping with me, and taking baths with me.
Bottom line-- We are the parents and can make our own decisions concerning our child.
We have done plenty of research and believe this is perfectly healthy at this point in her life.
We hope to have her moved into her own (Montessori) room when our house is complete.
Even then, I see nothing wrong with her coming into our room if she cannot sleep, etc.
I remember climbing in bed with my parents because I was scared, couldn't sleep or
just wanted to cuddle with them. Co-sleeping in the United States is a very controversial
issue. In foreign countries, it is much more common and accepted.

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