Saturday, July 31, 2010

In a name

Maya was named after the Mayans
Landon, being a Spanish professor, has traveled
all over Latin America. He always wanted to name
his little girl "Maya". The word "Maya" actually means: between the corn

When I found out I was pregnant, the first thing Landon
said to me was "Can we please name her Maya"? Keep
in mind that we didn't know the sex or anything yet.
I didn't give in that easy. We went back and forth on names.
I loved the name Maya but wanted to explore all our ideas first.
It got narrowed down very quickly. Maya was the name that we both
liked and agreed on. I cannot imagine her name being anything else,
it really fits her.

We thought of her middle name after giving birth to her.
It was actually seconds before the lady doing the birth certificate came in.
We were obsessed with EDEN PHOTOGRAPHY in Asheville while I was pregnant
and when Maya was a newborn. We were actually on her website and the name
Eden just lit up into our minds. "Eden" means:a state of complete innocence, bliss, delight, or peace.

Maya Eden... she is my everything!

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