Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have been feeling a little blah lately.
Things that shouldn't annoy me have been getting to me.
It is crazy because so many exciting things are happening
for my little family right now. But I am human and it is okay
to get cranky sometimes, right?

Things that annoy me:
People who overstep their authority with Maya
Things being completely off schedule
Rude comments
A messy house

I have to keep reminding myself of all the good
things that have been placed in my life.

The most hardworking/supportive husband in the whole universe
who loves Maya and me so much. I really do constantly think about
how thankful I am for Landon in my life. One of my favorite things about him is
that he doesn't just talk, he actually makes things happen. <3

The best/sweetest/smartest/prettiest daughter! I truly believe
that the moment I laid eyes on her was when I started to really
live. I instantly felt so important. I think of her first, before I do anything
at all! By having Maya, I have learned so much about life, parenting, education,
etc. She has challenged almost everything I ever believed in the past. As a parent,
you want the best for your children. Things you never would have imagined yourself
doing or saying, might just be reality for you when you have kids of your own.

I have the best family. I have always felt really fortunate to have been raised in my family.
Being vegetarian from the day I was born has been such a part of me that I would never take away.
It has led me exactly where I wish to go as far as how I personally choose to eat and where I shop.
My parents always had a very open-mind and worldly view, which has truly shaped me.

I have the best, most diverse crowd of friends. I was just thinking yesterday how it's kinda hard to find a balance.
I have friends ranging from all age groups. I love them all dearly! I have met a lot of new friends in Boone through Maya's little school. We are by far the youngest parents there. Most of the other parents are professors so they are older but so awesome.
I really do enjoy hanging out with people who have kids as well. I feel like I have a lot in common with them and
our kids can entertain each other! Don't get me wrong-- I love my childless friends so much and always will.

Sorry for the novel! I just felt like expressing myself tonight. Hope that is okay!
If you are reading...."follow me"....commment....and pleaseeeeeeeee come back! This blog-o-sphere gets lonely!

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