Saturday, January 15, 2011

Speech Pathology

I have been thinking about
this precious time home
with Maya. I am loving
every minute of it. I also
think it would be a wonderful
time to advance myself too.
I am highly considering taking
classes slowly towards a Masters
in Speech Pathology at ASU.
Does anyone have any suggestions,
comments, advice???


  1. I think this is a great idea! I bet you would be really happy that you did. I am interested in the Reading Education, but I can only take it if they offer it in distance education. When are you thinking about starting, if you do?

  2. Jessica, I am actually thinking of reading myself, but it would def have to be a part time something. cassie, I think you should totally do it, you have ASU right there, take some classes a step at a time and you can still have a wonderful time with Maya :)

    As far as when I'd start idea. One step at a time...GRE first.

  3. Hey girls, some schools/grad programs allow you to take the MAT instead. I hear it's less intense. Just a thought.