Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home is wherever I'm with you

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary.
I am sitting here in awe of my sweet man.
My very favorite thing about Landon is
his drive to make things happen.
There is absolutely NOTHING that he
feels he cannot achieve. Once he got
his full-time job, we went on a house hunt
& must have looked at every single house in
our price range. Everything was so expensive!
We could barely afford a "fixer-upper" in Boone
& we definitely couldn't afford to actually fix it up.
How does Landon go about solving this? Build his own.
My husband who was no builder decided to attempt
this & he has definitely succeeded! It has not been easy
for any of us but well worth all the sacrifices.

Hard to believe where we started

I love the house and the fact that Landon built
this house for us. But more than anything, I just
love my husband. I love that his tiring hands touched almost
every single piece of material that made our home.
And when it comes down to it,
Home is wherever I'm with my family.

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